Our Stories

Our life is very short. We can live beyond this short span of life, only by our humanitarian work.Moving ahead together, with even smallest contribution from each of us, with good will and consciousness we can spread the light of hope for a better tomorrow. We can transform our World into a better place to live. If we want a better World, we must begin with the children because children are the future citizen.The only way towards the better tomorrow is to equip the new generation with moral values and ideas. It is essential to implant the seeds of dream and a Vision in their minds, and to inspire their passion to achieve the dream. Besides, to achieve the better tomorrow, we must train our children to be sensitive to the surroundings and society, to make them realize about their moral values and social responsibilities. There is a Chinese proverb that, ‘If you are planning for one year, grows rice, if you are planning for ten years, plant a tree, if you are planning for one hundred years, provide education to the children’. “Shubhhechha” is one such organization mainly focusing on upliftment of our society with spreading the light of education. According to the Greece Philosopher Plato, the purpose of education is not to fill an empty vessel but to turn the eye of the soul towards light.Education according to Swami Vivekananda, is the manifestation of the perfection lying within.Thus, Shubhechha is mainly concentrating on free coaching to children from economically underprivileged family. Besides, Shubhechha also arranges student counseling camp to keep them motivated, Health camp to protect their overall health and short excursions, cultural programme etc. to uphold their interests.