Who are we

Shubhechha Oboitonik Pathdan Kendra or Shubhechha free educational coaching centre is a not-for-profit organisation located at Mohanpur, Barrackpore, Kolkata, India. This organisation endeavors to educate children from economically deprived families. Alongside, Shubhechha also aims to build their moral character, making them capable of interpreting things with a better perspective and to live a better life. The aim of Shubhechha is not confined to provide textbook lessons. The teachers of Shubhechha also provide their students the valuable lessons of life and whole heartedly support them to integrate into the mainstream.

Shubhechha has been led by a group of 25 volunteers aged from 14 to 60. With the Inspiration from life and philosophy of Swami Vivekananda, “Service to mankind is service to God”, Shubhechha has been delivering all its efforts towards the God in Human disguise since 2004.

Today, Shubhechha has more than 50 students from class V to X.  With the help of selfless services from volunteers and well-wishers, it is growing year by year, taking slow but steady steps towards its goal.